New Kitchen Cabinet Knobs, Handles and Pulls 2014 Style

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Add instant style to your kitchen cabinets with new 2014 knobs, pulls and handles.

Updating cabinet hardware is an easy way to change the overall appearance of your kitchen without investing a lot of money or time. Plus, there is a wide range of stores and online resources for finding the perfect pulls, knobs and handles to match your style. Kitchen design by Beth Haley

Dark walnut cabinetry, paired with thin bar-style door and drawer pulls, builds a modern foundation for this kitchen. Materials such as stainless steel, custom glass backsplashes and granite further the modern aesthetic while remaining elegant. Butter yellow hand-tipped leather stools add the perfect accent to the restrained color palette. Design by Gregory Augustine

Contemporary hardware in a brushed-nickel finish blends seamlessly with the gray-colored cabinets and counter, as well as the stainless steel appliances, for a soothing, unified look in this galley kitchen. Design by Nicole Sassaman

Simple round black knobs complement the black in the countertops and allow the unusual wainscoting and embossed tin backsplash to grab the spotlight in this country kitchen. Design by Sue Adams

The hammered effect on these traditionally styled Arts and Crafts knobs and pulls adds to the rustic look of the hand-hewn cabinets.

In the HGTV Dream Home 2011 kitchen, small square cabinet door knobs offer a subtle but elegant contrast to the stacked rectangular Carrera marble tile on the backsplash. Design by Linda Woodrum

Similar, subtle accent notes are made with the small button-like knobs and drawer pulls in this transitionally styled kitchen. Instead, the decorative flourishes in the granite countertops and backsplash with stainless steel tile insets add drama to the space. Design by Christopher J. Grubb; photography by Jeromy Robert

Don't be afraid to mix and match hardware styles. The hand-painted archway, the cobalt blue and accent countertop tiles, and the decorative ceramic knobs all come together to give this kitchen an authentic Mexican feel. Stainless steel contemporary-styled handles and drawer pulls make an appearance, picking up the finish on the stove hood, stovetop and light fixtures in the adjacent dining room. Design by Erica Islas

A custom copper sink and faucet are showstopping additions to this formal kitchen. The ornate cabinet hardware and elegant chandeliers further the regal feel of the space. Design by Dave Stimmel

Kitchen cabinet pulls, knobs and handles can be found in a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern to down-right funky. The colorful cabinetry paired with contemporary hardware provides visual delight in this artistic-styled kitchen. Design by Lou Ann Bauer

New 2014 Cozy Fireplaces To Warm Up Your Living Room

A fireplace is the focal point of any living room. Whether you prefer a stone surround or something more modern, these fireplaces prove that a striking design is all it takes to become center stage in these stylish spaces.

Designer Sarah Richardson created a living room that's just as warm as her fireplace by integrating splashes of burnt orange, apricot, garnet and other rich colors among a neutral color palette. The fireplace and surround made of white-washed stone and timeworn materials are meant to stand out among Sarah's rich color scheme, thanks to an extra-large vintage crest mounted above the mantel. The wood-burning fireplace adds to the rustic, at home feel of the farmhouse that makes the living room feel so welcoming.

The Neofocus from Euroflues is a single-unit steel fireplace that comes in a wood-burning version or as a remote-controlled gas unit. Both are set in the wall and make linear rectangular statements. The gas version is fit with ceramic pebbles of various sizes or ceramic logs. It is installed with protective masonry around the firebox and upper and lower air vents. Image courtesy of Euroflues

It is as sleek and slim as a flat screen television with a linear, boldly contemporary presence. It has been described as "a fireplace with a sculptural presence, without a hint of pretension." The fireplace is thermal efficient, and its flame sits behind a heat resistant glass door that allows a complete view of what's inside. Image courtesy of Euroflues

This fireplace from Spark Modern Fires combines a thoroughly utilitarian idea with contemporary artistic grace. The slim, eye level gas fireplace hangs on the wall and is made of brushed stainless steel with a single ceramic glass panel. It is clean, easily maintained and a breeze to install. Image courtesy of Spark Modern Fires

In an cold-weather environment like Stowe, Vt., designer Linda Woodrum knew the fireplace would be used quite often, so she undoubtedly made it the centerpiece of the gathering room in HGTV Dream Home 2011. This energy efficient gas fireplace offers the convenience of a preset thermostat with its sleek stainless steel design. To complement the maple flooring and pull in a taste of the outdoors, Linda added birch panels to the fireplace chase and a three-dimensional, steel wall sculpture with midcentury designs in mind.

Gas-fed hearths are easy, clean and versatile. The three-foot, vent-free fireplace by Spark Modern Fires is creatively built into the living room bookcase. The unit shares a metal front with a television, creating a cozy, multiuse living space. It can be fitted with a stainless steel interior to add reflectiveness.

The beauty of this fireplace is its freedom. It easily mounts on the floor, sitting on a base of masonry or black steel, and it can be installed in almost any room. The gas flame is visible from every direction, set behind a band of glass panels that slide around the fireplace's metal trunk. The designer drew inspiration from the open space and clean lines of Japanese interiors.

Fireplaces provide far more than heat and a cozy place to curl up. They can fulfill architectural roles and become artistic accouterments. This fireplace serves as a sophisticated room divider, and it demands attention. The gas-fed flames rise out of a bed of shiny river rock set on a four foot long firescape. It is mounted below an upside down chimney in this home's living room.

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn certainly knows how to make a natural stone surround stand out in a beautiful way he used patterned fabric against the back wall as a stunning accent to the aubergine mantelpiece. Among a sea of modern furnishings and purple accents, the rustic stone fireplace seems so natural and at ease.

2014 fresh house Designed by Martha O'Hara Interiors

The shared aim for design team on this specification home was to create a space that felt residential, while also encompassing a lakeside living lifestyle. goal, through the planning, building and staging processes, was to make selections that would highlight the home’s incredible lake views, while also focusing on functionality for daily, residential living while appealing to potential home buyers. Interior 

Design by : Martha O'Hara Interiors

2014 Top 10 PanTone Colors Decorating Trends

pan tone view home 2014 , style substance and color , major trends and directions , it divides in to sections

 first techno color gives how to impact the world of design which gives us executed frequency in reflective s surfaces also shades role  its play.

second physicality speaks to the colors of power and energy balanced by the presence of calmness some of its colors are going against the healing shades all of colors presents challenging.

third sculpted simplicity recognize shape form and structure and they don't take a center stage they are elegantly harmonized
fourth fluidity gives us  watery channels and this Platte understand the human needs.

fifth collage is a gathering place for objects that are charming of artfully designs

sixth intimacy has a certain  relation ship that expressing the tones of nature and the warm of colors can offer understanding color collection 

seventh  moda speaks of attention of details and the drama of high fashion and how it translated into interiors which has a combination  can be theatrical  in nature and fashionable and flourishes  but always done with  tasteful finesse and at the end it gives us a moment to add a glimmering final to any of all combinations.

eighth tribal threads it is the colors in the Platte are artistic appreciation related with personal expressions.

ninth  eccentricity colors  which  brings with it a sense of adventure and discovery  and its called a tongue in cheek 

we will give you the top 10 pan-tone colors for 2014 :

dazzling blue: its much more of a motivator from a sales paint of view

violet tulip:  its romantic colors which related to lavenders water  which give re-freshness 

radiant orchid:  a color which gives calmness

celosia orange:  its called colors of fruit it gives us joy and happiness

  fressia: gives the impression of form and warmness and it gives you positive that make you feel  inspiring

   Cayenne: Cayenne is widely recognized as a high pitch and high energy colors in eismans eyes  and its color can be a safe choice for accessories as a good choice that can make naturals  like sand 

plocid blue: its a colorlessness well as aback ground  its a color that we look forward to seeing when we wake-up in the morning and  give u optimisms colors for a good day 

paloma: it gives us a quietness neutral confidence and it has a safe softness despite being architectural

sand: adds a certain colors of warmth especially inspiring in summer and spring and its look like the base of sunflower 

 hemlock: its women color and its has anew directions of mood 

 this is the top 10 of colors of 2014 we will give you brief  explanation for every colors and how we work it out with decoration from every single point

Being Simple Is What We Seek In 2014

Being simple is what we seek in 2014 in color and style in everything and all we will give you a window of fashion design that gives you energy and convenient enhance of beauty of every section in every school at every moment.
every school in our window have its own style and material and its own story  . 
so lets talk about we have there is rules of elegant .
 first lightening plays an important role , second the co lour arrangements also plays an active role & third a simple painting get your eyes attached to what beauty we have in co lours and harmony in taste ,fourth loud co lours can take u away to attract visitors especially in wide spaces that gives you an energy
.our goal is to help you and help others to discover their own personal style and give you the confidence to make choices for their home decorating dreams and also you will be the first to be free to create  your own idea of decorating and we are just an advisory and tools to help you to do that  .

first and at last our goal and our ambitions to get into the hearts and minds of our client to bring their needs and desires in to reality.

Perfect Ways to Use Exclusive Plum, Sherwin-Williams ' Color of 2014

Described as spiritual, mystical, romantic, and dramatic, Exclusive Plum is Sherwin-Williams 2014 Color of the Year! Unlike the newly declared Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid, Exclusive Plum is a color that a majority of us will look at and seriously consider its applicable use in our homes. Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams’ director of color marketing, describes the color beautifully: “This dusky, filtered violet is refined without being stuffy, elegant yet easy, and layered with romantic potential.”

While the previous example was decidedly modern, this space shows how a similar dusty purple can work in a room that is more traditional or transitional. The hue is superelegant paired with rich tobacco browns.

If you like purple-gray but are wary of using a large dose of it, consider employing it as a small accent color. Just keep in mind that if this is the only strong hue in the room, the eye will be drawn to whatever is clad in it. Make sure you are calling attention to something you want to stand out.

To keep the hue from feeling too heavy and somber, try pairing it with plenty of warm whites or creams. A wood floor also adds warmth and contrast.

This example shows how Exclusive Plum can work as a neutral base. It pairs well with shocking greens, bold oranges, bright reds and, yes, even Radiant Orchid. Just use the vibrant hues sparingly and mix in some light neutrals  shades of white, gray or tan  to keep the space feeling light and open.

I think this color works best in bedrooms. It’s a rather heavy hue, which is good for a room in which you want to relax and rest.

Here’s another nice example of how to work with Exclusive Plum or a similar purple-gray. It’s striking in this room against the warm gray and taupe as well as the bits of greenish gold.

Rugs are another way to bring fun new colors into a room. This beauty would look fantastic in a bedroom or living room.

If you like Exclusive Plum, but perhaps not on your bedroom walls, look for bedding in it. Cool purples are thought to reduce stress, so they are perfect for bedroom textiles.

Here’s another nice set of cool grayish-purple bed linens. This hue works well as a base color to which you can add accents of almost any other color. I can visualize splashes of blue, gold, chartreuse, pink or red added here.